New Year goals

I don’t do New Year Resolutions. If you need to make a change in your life, do it when it needs to be done. However, I do like to set myself some goals each year. Goals require work and commitment in order to be successful, so it looks like I have a load of work in front of me!

img_20161029_102010Last year I set myself the goal of getting published and appearing at my first ever comic conventions. I’m really pleased to say that I managed to achieve both of these. In July 2016 Haylestorm Comics published my horror story Peek-a-boo in the second edition of their horror anthology comic Dark House. I also ventured into the convention circuit by appearing at True Believers Comic Festival and Watford Comic Convention.

In 2017 I have some grand plans. I will be making more submissions to publishers in the hope of getting either my own work published or to be involved in one of their projects. I would particularly love to work with Roar Comics, especially if they plan another run of Madballs comics.


I will also be releasing a book of Rock In Purgatory, hopefully around summer. I have been really enjoying this title, and thanks to Popcorn Horror I have been able to get that out to loads of people digitally in 2016. Other things I plan to do include posting more video content of my working processes and involving myself in more comics groups offline and online. Plus I have LOADS of other comics project in the pipeline, hopefully most of which I will be able to get out to you lovely people over the next 12 months.

Want to see me do a particular type of project? I’d love to hear your ideas. Comment below, tweet me @gojacksongo or message the Rock In Purgatory Facebook page.


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