Free Comic Book Day

Free comics! Yes…free comics!

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is an awesome way for new people to discover the medium of comics. Its also a great event for existing fans to get hold of something awesome for free.


Support your local comic book store
If a store near you is participating in FCBD activities, stop by and check it out. Whether you are a regular or have never set foot in the place, now is a great time to get acquainted with your local store. You’ll discover what sort of delights they stock and meet people who share your interest in comics. Chat to the staff, ask about titles and story arcs and see what new treasures they recommend.

Buy something
It may surprise you to know that store owners have to pay for FCBD stock. They are not just giving away freebies, they are taking a financial dent to be a part of this awesome event. So when you are busy choosing your assortment of FCBD goodies, please consider buying something as well. You are likely to be taking a chance on a title or two for free, so why not buy one more? Or treat a friend to their first ever comic book?

Pick up some small press
You may be lucky enough to be near a store which stocks small press and indie comics. How cool is that! Local indie publishers may be giving away a sample comic or even a whole book for free on FCBD. Make sure you check out some exciting new indie books. You may discover your new favourite creator, or a book which is like nothing you have seen before.

Share your stash
Physically or digitally, share what you picked up. This stuff is free, so once you have read a book pass it on and light the comic-loving spark in a friend. Post photos online of what you picked up; you may start social media conversations with like-minded fans who grabbed the same as you. And don’t forget to tag the store you visited so other people in your area can find out about that great comic store you go to.

Share free stuff online
Like digital comics? Well why not find some webcomics or samples from creators online? There are literally hundreds of web comics out there, many free to read, which will keep you occupied well beyond FCBD. If you find something you like, consider buying a physical copy or contributing to the creators funding channel (lots of us have Patreon accounts, some of us are happy for you to buy us a coffee…).

Here are some creators I have discovered, met or befriended who offer something to read for free online. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’ll get you started:

Matt Strott
Matt Garvey
The Red Mask From Mars
Tittybar Tales
Lou Scannon

Read my comics for free
My gift to you all for Free Comic Book Day is a stack of my comics available to read for free. All current heavy metal horror comedy Rock In Purgatory strips are up, plus Peek-a-boo, a ghost story piece I did for Haylestorm Comics. You have a sample of my debut horror comic Brutal Bombshells, and also Superhuman, my one shot about mental and physical endurance.

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