NEW Rock In Purgatory: Yesterday’s Screws

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It’s that time again! The NEW Rock In Purgatory comic strip is out now in the latest edition of Popcorn Horror magazine. Download it now!

Follow the unpleasant tale of Aaron Etheridge, front man of rockers Yesterday’s Screws and notorious for taking advantage of groupies. We’ve all met guys like this; fancies himself more than he fancies the girls he’s sleeping with, and thinks he’s bullet proof because of his looks and fame. Well, bullets are the least of Aaron’s worries, as he discovers that chainsaws can be used for much more than chopping down trees…

Yesterday’s Screws were named by you the people! My regular band name competition had a great response as always and my Twitter followers voted for Vada Callisto’s band name suggestion – thanks Vada, and thanks to everyone who voted.

You can pay what you want when you download your copy of Popcorn Horror. Please consider making a contribution to help keep the magazine alive. You can also support me so I can continue producing free online comics.

Read all the previous Rock In Purgatory comics for free!


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