NEW Rock In Purgatory in Popcorn Horror magazine

DNE4zZwX4AMitCw.jpg large
Get the latest Popcorn Horror magazine for my new Rock In Purgatory comic and an interview with me about the series.

Psychedelic rockers Mind Serpent feature in a two page comic strip in the latest magazine. These guys will show you the meaning of excess as they slay the crowd with their killer live show. Expect sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to the max!

Horror writer Craig Jex did an interview with me about Rock In Purgatory and how I create comics. It was awesome to talk about the origin of the comic and what my plans are for it. Make sure you get a copy of the magazine to find out what goes on behind the scenes in Rock In Purgatory.

I’m proud to have my artwork used as the cover for this issue of Popcorn Horror. This issue features a trick or treat themed cover piece which I created especially for the Halloween launch of the magazine. See if you can spot the horror movie easter eggs in the illustration.

Download a copy of Popcorn Horror.

Read all the Rock In Purgatory comics for FREE now!


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