Spring comics updates

Lots coming up from me in the next few months – here’s the low-down…


My new comic Heads! will be getting released in May. It’s a sci-fi private detective comic, for fans of Dick Tracy, The X-Files and They Live. Expect lots of grimy black and white noir art, classic mystery and devious oddities, all wrapped up with biting south London wit.

Rock In Purgatory WILL get a print run!
Despite the Kickstarter campaign coming in just shy of the target, I am hard at work on funding options for a print run. I will be offering a pre-order for the comic once I have booked in the supplier, with an early bird discount of excited fans and backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Read some samples for FREE now.

Unfortunate Tales
The new webcomic I am drawing for the madmen over at Attack From Planet B will ramp up throughout spring. The first few strips have been loads of fun to create. Parodying classic horror movies, the strip will entertain anyone who loves VHS horror and video nasties.

I’ve been a hermit too long! Once the Rock In Purgatory print run is in my hands I’ll be getting myself booked onto some conventions. If anyone is running a small press event and would be interested in having me run a table, please give me a shout!

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