Heads! is coming

On 29 May, my new comic project Heads! finally launches. After months of anticipation, you will soon get to find out what Heads! is all about.

In a change to my usual horror content, Heads! will be a sci-fi private detective comic. Rendered in black and white pencil tones the style of the comic harks back to the pulp era of crime noir. This will juxtapose nicely with the story being based in the present day, with much reference to social media and current technology throughout.

A crime story at heart, Heads! incorporates plenty of unusual sci-fi twists, giving the story an X-Files kind of edge. Are these bizarre crimes being carried out by hyper intelligent criminals, or is there a paranormal, alien or supernatural force behind it all? And who are these girls, with those Heads?

Heads! will be released as a weekly webcomic pilot, starting 29 May. Let me know whether you want to carry on reading online or if you would prefer a print run of this series.

Stay tuned…