Who’s who in Heads!

Reading Heads! or looking to jump on? Make a start but getting to know some of the characters you will be meeting along the way. Here’s a quick overview of the leads – more detailed character articles will be coming as the webcomic pilot runs.

Our hero (if you can call him that) is maudlin private detective Steve Datsun. An ex-Met Police detective, Datsun left the force and set up shop independently, only to find himself facing the most unusual crimes and criminals right on his own doorstep. Not having to answer to his old police superiors, Datsun can take matters into his own hands a little more, but does he really want to get so involved in what these weird Heads! girls are up to?



Datsun’s old police buddy Andy Higgins also decided the Met wasn’t where he saw himself staying. Cobbling together a bit of cash, he and Datsun rented an office above an Indian restaurant and started their own detective agency. The voice of reason to Datsun’s impulsive gut, Higgins does what he can to balance Datsun’s view in the face of this spree of odd crimes. But there’s only so much reassurance he can give before the coincidences don’t look like coincidences anymore…


DCI Burton is still an upstanding member of the Metropolitan Police Force, and for his sins, is also still Datsun’s main connection to them. Acting as reluctant go-between, Burton has the tough job of upholding the law while also helping Datsun do so in his own way. The results seem to be going well, but will a day come when Burton has to choose his friend over his job?



Three girls wearing giant animal heads and oversized ski gloves committing unpredictable heists across London? Meet the Heads! gang! Nobody knows who they are, where they came from or what they are up to. But one thing’s for sure, Datsun is on their case now and no matter what they do, or who they employ to get in his way, he’ll be coming for them.

Read Heads! for free now!

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