Drawing over coffee and getting ready to print

After a guesting on a belting episode of the Awesome Comics Podcast last week Rock In Purgatory and Heads! have had a stack of new readers. Really pleased to see so many new people checking out my comics. It’s the perfect time for newbies to jump on-board with what I’m doing, as I intend to get Heads! into print over the summer.

Judging by the reaction Heads! has received, it looks like a load of you would be up for getting hold of either a physical or digital edition of the first issue soon. Issue one is actually complete, so its just a case of compiling it ready for print or PDF, and it wouldn’t take long to get it out to you. I’m considering a Kickstarter campaign, keeping things light and low cost. I could do masses of merch but beyond the die-hards (of which it seems are already a few!) most people just want to have a copy of the comic. So, I’ll be offering original art from issue one as well as commissions and maybe a couple of art prints as the main rewards. Let me know if you think anything else would go down well.

DhGdOG8XkAAzQIt.jpg large

My esteemed illustrator buddy Heather Chapman and I have been out and about drawing a lot lately. ACP listeners will know that Heather is one of the driving forces behind the improvement of my illustration work. It’s been a little while since we’ve both been able to get together to work on our respective projects, so I’ve been very fortunate to have completed comics pages while watching Heather create poetically flowing illustrations and watercolour pieces. Keep an eye on her, as it is criminal that she isn’t already your favourite book illustrator and graphic novelist.

I’ve recently picked up a copy of Watchmen and am stuck into re-reading it. As a nine panel page fanatic this is one of the definitive books on how to make that layout model work. You can expect to see a blog focusing on nine panels or Watchmen (or both) from me in the very near future.

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