Help me finish Heads!

The fourth issue of my sci-fi mystery comic Heads! was released in March. It’s the penultimate issue of the first series and was quite a challenge to get finished, but now it’s out there I’m hugely proud of what I’ve achieved. In two years I’ve single-handedly written, drawn and lettered four issues of a series, which is not mean feat. However…the final issue looms…

heads covers

For those that have been following the series, you’ll know that I’ve left so many threads hanging at the end of issue four, with sixteen characters orbiting the main story. Those that haven’t read it yet can download issue one for FREE! Covering all this off in the final issue is not just going to be a creative marathon but also a test of my writing and editing resolve. I’m lucky enough to have Patrick Kennedy, a great editor and copywriter who has helped ensure that the writing is on point, the plot is consistent and that I haven’t made massive typos everywhere. He’ll be guiding me on this issue also.

The problem I face is that, though this issue will end the arc it isn’t the end of the whole story. Some questions will remain unanswered, some new questions will be asked. I already have a plan of how this issue pans out, but how will I know if I’ve close this arc properly?

That’s where you come in.

I want to know what you guys are expecting to be resolved in the final issue. What are you hoping to find out? What revelations do you think will be uncovered? And what do you think deserves to be explored in more detail in the next arc?

Comment below, or reply to my tweets on the subject. I’d love to know what you are hoping for…if only so I can laugh maniacally at your responses when I realise my plan for issue five will mess with your head even more!

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