Lucky charms

Heads! issue 5 is taking shape. The opening scene is complete, so I wanted to share a little sneak peak of the first three pages. Fans of the story will know what this scene is, but I’m not giving away how it pans out!


I’ve had some interesting responses to my previous post about what you expect to see happen in the final issue. So far no one has mentioned anything I had forgotten about (phew!) but everyone has different hopes and has noted different things as being of importance. This is great news for me, as it means I’ve weaved a complex plot that is resonating with people in different ways. The revelations in the final issue are going to surprise many of you – though with all this diverse focus its going to be an even bigger challenge to make that surprise have a big impact.

Being closed off from the world has left me a bit bereft of writing inspiration. Despite the fact that I have time and access to read loads, watch TV and movies and listen to music and podcasts, I actually find that a lot of my best ideas come when I’m not immersing myself in media or sitting there trying to create. I run and often concoct entire script plans while out running, but having not been out as much as usual I’m not getting that opportunity. But I was digging through some old art supplies the other day and came across a box I had misplaced which has helped me out a bit.

In among a load of old colour markers that I stopped using yonks ago, I rediscovered the little items that used to adorn my drawing board before I moved house. I’ve got some Vegas casino chips that my other half brought back for me when we first met. I have a chunk of selenite which looks awesome catching light from my drawing lamp. There’s a deck of cards I taught my son to play on.

I’ve started laying these things out when I draw or write lately and its actually helped get me back on track. I’ve got stuff around me that is the right sort of distraction. Rather than meandering off to make coffee, check messages or end up watching a movie that is on instead of it just being in the background, I find these little bits and bobs take me away for a moment then allow me to come back: shuffling cards while I ponder some dialogue, stacking chips as a doodle turns into an elusive panel layout.

I guess in the current situation we may need to adapt to stay capable of doing usual things, and it seems this is one of the ways I’ve adapted. I really like the first three pages that I’ve produced of the new issue, so if this method is helping me get into it then I reckon Heads! issue five will turn out to be a belting finale.

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