Getting back in the game

I’ve had a couple of weeks off everything, as I was fortunate enough to have another child! My first baby girl arrived recently and I’ve spent my time with my awesome family getting to know her. 

As a result I’ve not done any art or writing, as I have had a much more important schedule to keep. Since I’m the sort of person who needs to always be creating and doing things, I thought I’d be feeling very frustrated by this. Lockdown has been odd for us all and, like many of my comic creating peers, I have taken solace in my art. However, the break has been worthwhile. Its given me the chance to immerse myself more books, art and movies than I would otherwise been able to. I’ve got through the backlog of comics on my reading pile and moved onto re-reading some old favourites (currently on the mid-90s, harpoon-handed Aquaman). I’m also getting through novels a little faster than usual thanks to embracing the Kindle app on my phone for much needed, low-light entertainment in the early hours.


Consuming so much content has made me excited to get back into creating again. I’m half-way through the final issue of Heads! right now and itching to finish it off. Plus, I have two other projects starting up (more about those in coming blogs) so there will be plenty for me to get my teeth into.

In order to start flexing my creative muscles again I’m opening up commissions. I’m doing A4 sketch commissions for just £10 right now, so if you were in the mood to throw me a challenge and treat yourself at the same time please give me a shout.

While I start limbering up to get working on comics again it would be great to hear what you guys have been thinking about the latest Heads! comic. I’ve got loads of loose ends hanging in issue 4 and I’d love to know what you are expecting in the final issue.


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