Radvent Day 14 – Nancy Says ‘No’

Nancy says 'No'

As a massive Nightmare on Elm Street fan, I have drawn plenty of fan art and some exciting commissions related to this franchise. Though Freddy is an amazing character to play with, I always liked Nancy so much that I would draw her more often than Freddy.

In this piece I took the classic Dream Warriors scene with Freddy as an all-devouring worm and gave it a bit of a Calvin and Hobbs treatment. The result is a nice little homage to my favourite Elm Street movie, turning Freddy’s humourous quips back on him in a single word from Nancy.

I have A6 prints of this piece available to buy from my store. I am also selling the original A3 sized artwork – if anyone is interested, name your price!

More radvent tomorrow….

Radvent Day 12 – God Murder

Radvent Day 11 – Popcorn Horror magazine cover

I’ve been working with the awesome people at Popcorn Horror for about a year and a half now. They have been publishing Rock In Purgatory in each issue and it’s been great to see it out there among loads of other outstanding horror content.

I’d wanted to approach them about illustrating a magazine cover for them for a while. When I broached the subject back in early summer, I was amazed to be asked to draw a piece for the Halloween edition. Being an indie horror mag, the Halloween issue is the biggie for the year, so of course, I jumped at the chance.

I threw some ideas around and finally settled on this trick or treat piece, which is heavy on the ‘trick’. Inspired by the album cover for Unmasked by Kiss, I decided to have trick or treaters taking off their masks, only for us to disocver they really are horror icons Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.

More radvent tomorrow, check back to see what’s next.

Radvent Day 10 – Shot Through The Heart

NEW Rock In Purgatory in Popcorn Horror magazine

DNE4zZwX4AMitCw.jpg large
Get the latest Popcorn Horror magazine for my new Rock In Purgatory comic and an interview with me about the series.

Psychedelic rockers Mind Serpent feature in a two page comic strip in the latest magazine. These guys will show you the meaning of excess as they slay the crowd with their killer live show. Expect sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to the max!

Horror writer Craig Jex did an interview with me about Rock In Purgatory and how I create comics. It was awesome to talk about the origin of the comic and what my plans are for it. Make sure you get a copy of the magazine to find out what goes on behind the scenes in Rock In Purgatory.

I’m proud to have my artwork used as the cover for this issue of Popcorn Horror. This issue features a trick or treat themed cover piece which I created especially for the Halloween launch of the magazine. See if you can spot the horror movie easter eggs in the illustration.

Download a copy of Popcorn Horror.

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NEW Rock In Purgatory: Yesterday’s Screws

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It’s that time again! The NEW Rock In Purgatory comic strip is out now in the latest edition of Popcorn Horror magazine. Download it now!

Follow the unpleasant tale of Aaron Etheridge, front man of rockers Yesterday’s Screws and notorious for taking advantage of groupies. We’ve all met guys like this; fancies himself more than he fancies the girls he’s sleeping with, and thinks he’s bullet proof because of his looks and fame. Well, bullets are the least of Aaron’s worries, as he discovers that chainsaws can be used for much more than chopping down trees…

Yesterday’s Screws were named by you the people! My regular band name competition had a great response as always and my Twitter followers voted for Vada Callisto’s band name suggestion – thanks Vada, and thanks to everyone who voted.

You can pay what you want when you download your copy of Popcorn Horror. Please consider making a contribution to help keep the magazine alive. You can also support me so I can continue producing free online comics.

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NEW Rock In Purgatory – Assisted Twister

It’s that time again…the latest Rock In Purgatory comic strip is out now in the new Popcorn Horror magazine.


Join thrash metal legends Assisted Twister onstage for a bloody amazing performance. Lead guitarist Jason Shawney is a guitar hero to die for, and his shredding solos are more than just head splitting tunes. Check out the comic to find out what happens when these guys mixes their rock star excesses with extreme guitar noodling.

CoverPROMO35Head over to the Popcorn Horror website to download a copy on their pay what you want scale. Please consider paying for your copy to help support and sustain production of the magazine.

Read all the previous Rock In Purgatory comic strips for FREE now!

Under the influence: Razor Blade Smile

“I bet you think you know all about vampires. Believe me….you know fuck all!”

I’ve been a fan of this low budget British vampire flick since it came out. As a massive fan of Hammer horror and 80s video nasties, Razor Blade Smile appealed to me as it clearly draws on both of these genres. There is plenty of sex, gore and tongue-in-cheek humour thoughout, as well as an over-blown plot, all of which adds up to an extremely entertaining B-movie. The movie follows Lilith Silver, hired gun assassin and centuries old vampire, who is slowly uncovering a sinister link between some of the people she has recently been hired to execute. I would absolutely love to work on a comic adaptation of this movie, or a mini series of the further adventures of Lilith Silver. If director Jake West or star Eileen Daly like the sound of this please get in touch!

I reviewed the movie for horror website Attack From Planet B and you can follow this link to read my review. Rather than duplicate the review here, I thought I’d talk about about why this movie has been an influence on my comics and art.

I love 80s and 90s horror, and anything that goes over the top is just fine with me. I also really like cheesy dialogue and humour in my B-movies, and Razor Blade Smile has this in spades. It bobs and weaves between the main plot and peering into the private lives of urban ‘vampires’, which has been a great inspiration to me in respect of constructing scripts and story ideas.

The look of the movie is suitably low budget and makes the most of pouring sexy scream queen Eileen Daly into an impossibly tight latex catsuit for and positioning her against stereotypical villain characters. The whole thing looks like its leapt out of the pages of a horror comic and jumped into your VHS player. There is blood everywhere and the sex / death scenes are erotic as they are gory. Its a constant go-to movie for me when it comes to wanting something that gives me my fix of any of these things and gives me repeated inspiration to draw and write B-movie style comics. Both Brutal Bombshells and Rock In Purgatory have been influenced by the type of outrageous visuals and scripting that Razor Blade Smile has to offer.

Its not a movie everyone will like. Given its low budget status its beyond the tastes of mainstream horror fans and due to its age (the movie was originally released in 1998) many new indie horror fans may either not have heard of it or find it dated. But if you like things like ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’ from the Soska Sister,s Razor Blade Smile’s production values will sit well with you.

For your vulgar delectation…..here’s the whole film….

Under the influence: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy says 'No'

This movie ruined my childhood. I can’t express enough how terrified I was of Freddy Krueger as a kid. Everything about him is horrific. Specifically during the first three movies Freddy looked so scary and was a character so evil that he and his creator, Wes Craven, revolutionised horror.

It’s incredible that I ended up not just being a horror fan but also a big Elm Street fan. As my interest in other horror movies grew, through the excellent Hammer Horror output and movies like An American Werewolf In London and Halloween, I knew I’d have to face my childhood fears and face Freddy eventually. And when I did it was quite an experience. NOES was certainly scary but the creativity in it was mind blowing. Though still unsure of how safe I was in his knife-gloved hands I found myself watching all the movies in the franchise. My love for these movies started to grew out of a pseudo Stockholm syndrome and before I knew it I was nearly as much a fan as Brutal Bombshells script writer Craig Jex.


The first movie is like no other, but I’ve always felt that the second one features the scariest imagining of Freddy. Look at him in that movies, he’s fucking horrific! Dream Warriors was yet another massive jump in style and imagination, and is the movie that made me a Nancy fan. She was a perfect foil for Freddy, not just fighting him but finding the heart of his weaknesses. The fact that she has the courage to enter his dream world and fight him on his own turf is amazing, making it all the more upsetting when, ultimately, Freddy kills her.

I have a lot of Elm Street inspired art and Nancy features in a few pieces. In fact, though Freddy’s horror-chic is obviously conveyed, Nancy is more prominent an influence in my concepts and is a character I often come back to in my work.