Radvent Day 24 – And To All A Goodnight

…and to all a goodnight.
Thanks for following Radvent with me this December. It’s been great to share a huge selection of my comics and illustration work, both new and old. I originally planned to drop a Christmas pinup girl on Christmas Eve, but instead I’ve gone with something a little more in keeping with my current and upcoming comics output.

Have an awesome Christmas, and look out for a big Rock In Purgatory announcement before New Year’s Eve.

Radvent Day 23 – Yesterday’s Screws

Radvent Day 22 – Headz

This is a concept sketch for the cover of issue on of Headz. Establishing Datsun, the protagonist, and hinting at the villains character designs, this piece will be re-worked and published soon to begin full promotion of the webcomic series.

Like what you see? Don’t forget I have also released the first completed page of Headz as part of radvent. I’ll be teasing more images and plot points in the new year.

Headz begins in May 2018.

Radvent Day 21 – The Pystons

Radvent Day 20 – Sweaty Suzy

Radvent Day 19 – Angel Of Death

Radvent Day 18 – Superhuman

Radvent Day 17 – Plus size pinup paperdolls

Radvent Day 14 – Nancy Says ‘No’

Nancy says 'No'

As a massive Nightmare on Elm Street fan, I have drawn plenty of fan art and some exciting commissions related to this franchise. Though Freddy is an amazing character to play with, I always liked Nancy so much that I would draw her more often than Freddy.

In this piece I took the classic Dream Warriors scene with Freddy as an all-devouring worm and gave it a bit of a Calvin and Hobbs treatment. The result is a nice little homage to my favourite Elm Street movie, turning Freddy’s humourous quips back on him in a single word from Nancy.

I have A6 prints of this piece available to buy from my store. I am also selling the original A3 sized artwork – if anyone is interested, name your price!

More radvent tomorrow….

Radvent Day 13 – New comic project EXCLUSIVE

Headz - Prologue - Page 2

Starting in spring 2018, I will be launching my sci-fi private detective ongoing title Headz. I’m going to be rolling this out as a webcomic with a new page released every week. I’m already hard at work on the art, so here is a first look at what’s to come.

I’ve been developing the idea for about a year now, alongside Rock In Purgatory. I’m glad I left it to ferment for a while, as I think the changes I’ve made to the plot over this time make it a much better story.

I’ll be putting out loads of promo for Headz in the new year, and if you’re lucky there may even be another teaser during radvent.