Reviews and Interviews


“A real sense of mystery…a proper detective story.”
Review from Pipedream Comics

“The fact that Rik Jackson has accomplished so much with HEADS! is truly impressive.”
Review from The Comic Book Yeti

Interview for Boys Adventure Comics

Rock In Purgatory

Interview for Boys Adventure Comics

Interview for Rock Your Life – follow this link for the English translation

Brutal Bombshells

“A solid debut effort…one I’d like to see developed into a series.”
Review from Attack From Planet B


Guest appearance on The Awesome Comics Podcast

Guest appearance on Comics for the Apocalypse


Publishing credits

  • Heads! Into The Vortex – self published 2019
  • Heads! – self published 2018
  • Rock In Purgatory – regular strip published in Popcorn Horror magazine 2016/17 | Self published collection 2018
  • Unfortunate Tales – webcomic released by Attack From Planet B 2017/18
  • Superhuman – digital release 2016
  • Peek-a-boo – published in Dark House anthology by Haylestorm Comics 2016
  • Brutal Bombshells – self published 2015


  • CO2 Catastrophe – published in Little Heroes Comics anthology 3 by Fair Spark Books 2019
  • New project (embargoed) – 2019
  • Heads! Stone Deaf Forever – 2019